With security for
all brands

Brand protection, centered on the acquisition of intellectual property rights, has become unable to respond to the rapidly changing risk of brand impairment.

Brand security is required in order to continue to make the brand "secure" and "safe" by combining methods that respond to ever-diversifying threats with conventional methods.



As a "group of brand security professionals,"

We, GMO Brand Security Inc., proposes optimal solutions tailored to the circumstances of our customers in order to protect,

manage and maintain trademarks and domain names, which are the elements forming the brand.

GMO Brand-Security Main Businesses


Understanding and analysis of the current situation

We will investigate subjects that are already in possession or are considering acquiring trademarks or domain names that are likely to be risk analyses or disorders.

Strategy formulation

Based on the results of surveys and analyses, we will formulate trademark and domain name management policies and anti-infringement policies, and provide action plans in line with policies.

Rights Acquisition and Infringement Measures

We support procedures for new application, registration and recapture for trademark infringement and domain name misuse.

In addition, we support or act on behalf of counterfeit countermeasures and other brand infringement measures as well as measures to prevent recurrence.

Maintenance and management

We use our proprietary cloud-based intellectual property management tool "BRANTECT" to collectively manage data on owned trademarks and domain names.

In addition to ensuring visibility and being able to identify the current status as needed, we will manage update deadlines and monitor infringements.


Searching for the best service based on the issue

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