Protecting Brands and Customers from Online Threats:

Latest Practices Compiled into One Volume

Released on December 15, 2023

The Essence of the Latest Practices Condensed into One Volume. Now on sale at Amazon!

Released on December 15, 2023

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Author/Editor: Keisuke Amino, GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc.
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This book is recommended for the following people!

  • Those who have just started learning about branding
  • Legal and intellectual property professionals involved in preventing online brand damage
  • IT personnel responsible for managing and securing websites, domain names, SNS, etc.
  • Public relations and marketing professionals involved in enhancing and protecting the online value of brands


Point 01

Practical System Book on Web Brand Security


In the general section, a new concept called "Web Brand Security" is introduced.
In the following "Practical Edition" section, based on the information explained in the general part, the book systematically explains essential information for corporate practice, divided into
(1) Domain Names, (2) Websites & E-commerce Sites, (3) Marketplaces,
(4) Social Networking Services, and (5) Email.

This book provides the minimum necessary information needed for corporate practice.

Point 02

Rich Illustrations and Columns


The book is filled with rich diagrams and charts, providing content that can be immediately applied to practical work, using the latest statistical information from examples of online brand infringement.
Additionally, the columns feature specific examples of actual incidents and break down slightly more technical content for easy understanding.

Point 03

Comprehensive Case Studies


In the latter half of the book, frequently occurring cases of brand damage are used as models to carefully explain the responses that companies should take.
Additionally, due to the unending instances of "drop catching" where third parties misuse domains that companies have abandoned, the book includes a "Drop Catch Risk Assessment" to address these concerns.

Reader Feedback


"It was very enlightening to learn different perspectives on how to protect brands in the digital realm, distinct from typical cybersecurity approaches."


"From a marketer's standpoint, I realized that it's an era where understanding 'brand security' is essential before marketing."


"By the time I finished reading, I felt confident that I could handle online infringements effectively."


"The book provides detailed explanations of events and backgrounds related to domain and website security, which helps in organizing existing knowledge."


"The systematic organization of thoughts on web infringement measures and domain management helped me associate various issues and responses that I used to handle as they arose, and I feel like I now have a common, overarching approach to these initiatives."

Message from the AuthorAuthor's Message

"At GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc., where I work, we receive numerous consultations from companies regarding issues related to their brands. Recently, there has been an increase in brand infringement cases involving websites, domain names, social media, and e-commerce sites.

Therefore, I wrote this book as a practical guide to help companies ensure all online customer touchpoints are safe and secure against online brand infringements. This book is packed with the essence of practical knowledge on web brand security, accumulated over many years by our company and the authors.

I hope that through this book, readers can learn the fundamentals of web brand security and enhance their capabilities as business professionals. It would be my pleasure if this book reaches not only corporate practitioners but also anyone involved in business broadly."

Author Introduction

author photo

Author: Keisuke Amino
Head of the Domain Name Business Division at GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc.
After completing his graduate studies in Intellectual Property Strategy at Tokyo University of Science Graduate School of Professional Studies, he held dual roles at SoftBank Group Corp., overseeing both the Legal/Intellectual Property and Brand Management divisions. During his tenure at SoftBank, he was involved in intellectual property and brand management tasks for group companies both domestically and internationally as part of the holding company structure.
Since joining GMO BRAND SECURITY Inc. in August 2019, Amino has been responsible for the business unit, focusing on establishing governance structures for web brand security and consulting on risk management. Drawing from his extensive practical experience, he is committed to providing valuable solutions that keep a corporate perspective in mind, ensuring that every initiative adds value.

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