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Domain registration

In addition to the typical ".com" domain, we will take charge of all types of domain registration operations.

​ Since our founding in 2004, we have been specializing in corporations and acting on behalf of more than 200 countries and regional domains (ccTLD) registration worldwide (certified as a ICANN certified registrar in 2008). In addition to the domains that we actually use in our business, we can propose strategic and specific domain registration plans that take into account the latest domain utilization trends and infringement cases depending on customer circumstances, such as acquiring defense domains to protect our brands. Please feel free to consult us.

Basic Flow of Domain Registration

  • The customer fills in the necessary information on the order form (application form) and sends it to us.
  • We check domain availability
  • Customers are notified of the expense of acquiring the certification and the necessary documents for the procedure.
  • Collect documents required for procedures from customers.
  • We took over the acquisition process and reported on the progress and complete of the registration.

In addition to generic .com, we can also process bulk registrations from one to a large number of domains in Asia, the Middle East, and African.
When you acquire it from what you need or think you need it, you may find leaks, acquire it up to unnecessary domains, incur unnecessary management costs, or encounter difficulties in branding and domain management operations. From the stage of considering registration, please leave it to our domain pros by all means.

Currently, there are more than 500 types of new gTLD represented by .shop and .holdings.
However, while the number of choices for domain names has increased, there have also been an increase in the number of cases in which they are illegally acquired by third parties. Then, which domain name could be acquired to protect the brand? We started offering this GMO Domain Block to resolve such concerns.
GMO domain block allows you to select a packaged domain name for your business domain, and you can efficiently protect your brand by collectively acquiring the required domain names at a lower cost than you normally acquire.
For details, please check here.


Back order

Even if a domain that we want to obtain is already held by a third party at this time, we can attempt to acquire it through a "back order" procedure in which we book with the expectation that the domain (gTLD, ccTLD) will not be renewed.
If the current right holder does not renew on the renewal deadline, the domain will be released to the market and can be acquired at that timing. It is valid if the domain is held only and is not used, or if you wait until the renewal deadline.

Already owned by a third party

Request (our company)

Back order

On renewal due date not updated

Successfully obtained

Even if the domain you want is already someone else's, please do not give up and consult with us.

Transfer negotiation support

If the domain you want to acquire is already in the possession of a third party and is currently in use, it is unlikely that the current right will not renew it, so you cannot obtain it on the back order.
However, if the site used violates the brand or disrupts consumers, we will not leave the domain intact.
We will support the negotiations for the transfer of domains on behalf of the persons in charge at companies with such concerns.


Request (our company)

First contact (multilingual, extracting concessions, price negotiation)

Even if the domain you want is already someone else's, please do not give up and consult with us.

We provide an override service to acquire NFT Domains, a new domain for Web3.0 age, under certain conditions.
The override service allows NFT domains that are "brand protected" at the world's largest Unstoppable Domains of NFT domain registries to be obtained only by those who meet certain conditions, such as brand owners and trademark owners.
To those who are still unfamiliar with the word NFT domains and Web3.0, we will also explain the merits of acquiring NFT domains and the specific ways in which they can be used.
Please feel free to contact us.

Domain management

Domain management isn't just about renewing a live domain. It is also important to accurately understand the domains owned by the company and Group companies in real time.
We use our proprietary cloud-based intellectual property data management tool [BRANTECT] to collectively manage and visualize our customers' domains.
[BRANTECT] reflects our experiences in managing the domains of mass corporate customers, and is an easy-to-use user interface for listings, searches, and other purposes, assuming the possession of large and multi-brand domains. Customers can check the status of domains that they entrust to manage whenever they log in on a real-time basis.
Our expert team will be in charge of supporting the introduction of [BRANTECT] and will provide detailed support, including visits, phones, and e-mails.

Management of many domains and individuals

Consignment (our company)

Update * name change * whois change procedure / cloud management

Anyone can check

In addition to providing tools, we will propose an ideal management method that considers our customers' business and organizational styles, so we would like not only to obtain them, but also to entrust them with subsequent management.

Managing Acquired Domains

If we consolidate the control of acquired domains, we will be able to dramatically reduce our customers' administrative tasks, as we will be able to perform update procedures, cumbersome WHOIS change procedures, and name change procedures on our behalf.
We will also manage the renewal date, so there is no worry that the domain will expire incorrectly.
You can achieve efficient and secure domain management without the difficult expertise of the domain.

Domain Survey and Monitoring

As a general rule, domain registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone can retrieve the string if it is free.
If we use it and acquire and use a business-relationship​ domain, such as our own name or service name, to a malicious third party, it will cause damage to our own brand. Phishing sites, fake EC websites, adult websites, etc. are easy to understand, but there are many other malicious uses that lead to brand damage.
By leaving us to investigate and monitor the existence and use of unacquired domains and domains owned by third parties, we can visualize these risks and manage them step by step.

Unacquired domain /
domain owned by a third party

Investigation / monitoring (our company)

Visualization and monitoring of risky targets (Complete preparation for misuse of company name / service name domain)

Domains containing specified strings such as company brand names (hereinafter referred to as "target domains") are detected and monitored to identify domain risks. It is a powerful tool even when working from home, as it can be constantly checked on-line using our proprietary interface. Optionally, risk analysis and reporting are performed by experienced professional analysts.

Domain surveillance consists of the following four functions, which can be combined according to customer needs.

Initial search

We will extract how many target domains exist at the present time, and our analysts will check the content and allocate the risk level. Understanding the current status through initial research is also a material for the effective and efficient implementation of domain management in the future.


Continuously detect new target domains to be acquired. The detection timing can be selected daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the application.


Always monitor status changes of newly acquired target domains after new acquisition. There are many cases where a site is built several months after a new acquisition and fraudulent use is started, but we do not miss such cases.


Our experienced analysts who are familiar with the fraudulent domain inspect the content of the newly acquired target domain and allocate the risk level.

Domain infringement response

If a fraudulent third party obtains a domain that impairs its brand and is used for an adult site, counterfeit EC site, or phishing site, we will provide a one-stop solution from surveys to arbitration and recapture through negotiation transfer. We aim for early resolution through collaboration between experienced specialist consultants and our partners with extensive domain expertise and excellent negotiation capabilities.

Investigation of rights holders

Based on WHOIS informations, we will investigate the character of rights holders who possess domains that impair customers' brands and are fraudulently using them.

Although WHOIS may contain false information or personal information may not be visible due to EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we will collect information of rights holders as much as possible using our own network. The information gathered through the survey can then be submitted as strong evidence at the time of the petition for arbitration under ICANN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

Dispute resolution support

In order to recapture domains that have been illegally acquired or misused by third parties, we will support arbitration filing procedures with the Global Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and other dispute resolution organizations around the world.
We have accumulated know-how to increase the win rate by continuing to provide support based on ICANN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (including an equivalent arbitration system). The first-time customers to discover unauthorized acquisition or improper use or to reclaim domains should also feel comfortable leaving it to us.
For example, it may be more effective to negotiate a transfer directly to the right holder than to file for arbitration under ICANN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (including an arbitration system equivalent thereto), such as when it is obtained for resale purposes (aimed at domains with short strings or domains with common strings).

Third party

Negotiation, purchase, etc.

Our company

Transfer / name change (customer)

Domains that have been acquired or used without bad faith cannot be recaptured based on ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (including an arbitration system equivalent thereto). Therefore, negotiations on the transfer of domains must be conducted even if they have been obtained by a third party without bad faith at the earliest time.
When a company that wishes to transfer negotiates directly with the right holder, there is a risk that it will be presented with a high price. If you negotiate a transfer, please consult before you try to contact you by yourself.

Domain security

In addition to merely managing domains, we provide a full range of security services, including premium DNS, registry locks, and agency issuance of SSL certificates, to protect acquired domains and websites.

This is called domain hijack, but domains may be taken over by a third party. When a domain is taken over, DNS information will be rewritten, which will lead to a major accident, such as the leakage of customer information. Therefore, we recommend that you incorporate this information in conjunction with other information security measures.



Achieve overwhelming issue speed that is not tied to time and location

As companies are increasingly using telecommuting and many jobs are going on-line, SSL certification authorities' telephone certification procedures have become common in the process of issuing certificates. As a result, corporate managers need to join the company to respond, and the work load has become high.
GMO SokujiSSL combines electronic stamp GMO Sign, an electronic contract service provided by GMO GlobalSign Holdings, with SSL certificates provided by GMO GlobalSign Sign to realize an overwhelming speed of issuance that is not tied to times or locations.
It covers highly reliable enterprise reality certificate types (OV) and EV certificate types of SSL server certificates, making it possible to complete on-line SSL certificate issuance procedures, which took on average about 3-5 business days, in a minimum of one business day.


*For use, the introduction of the "registered seal type" electronic certification Provided by GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K. will be mandatory.

Many global companies are focusing on brand TLD and working to acquire it from the perspectives of global expansion, strengthening branding, and domain security.
Brand TLD include the ".toray" acquired and used by TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. and the ".softbank" acquired and used by SoftBank Group Corp. by using the names of its own brands as top-level domains. The number of companies using brand TLD on corporate sites and campaign websites is increasing year by year.
We, GMO Internet Group, have an overwhelming domestic No.1 in acquiring and operating branded TLD, and have accumulated know-how to support smooth acquisition and management within the Company.

From acquiring a branded TLD to operating and using it, we have four phases: 1. application phase, 2. review phase, 3. delegation phase, and 4. operations phase. At the phase 1 to 3, many applications for ICANN are made, but all the functions we can delegate are provided on our behalf, and we provide generous support, such as preparing tips for items that can only be prepared by our customers themselves.
In addition, in the operational phase 4, where the registry function and the registrar function are essential, the registry function can be underwritten at GMO Domain Registry (our group companies) with many track records as registries such as ".shop" and ".tokyo", and the function of the registrar to pay out sub-domains and manage DNS can also be handled by us.
The entire GMO Internet-Group will do its utmost to help our customers reduce their work burden as much as possible and build the best possible environment.

We can also provide examples of use, etc., so please do not hesitate to contact us.