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To ensure optimal domain name management for companies, we offer comprehensive services including acquisition assistance, management systems, and status research. Our approach is designed to achieve the most effective management of your domain assets, ensuring that your online presence aligns with your brand's integrity and strategic objectives.


Our investigation service is conducted by experienced consultants who thoroughly examine internal usage of domain names and check for any unauthorized acquisitions or misuse related to your company's name, brand, products, and services. Additionally, we assess the implementation of security measures such as SSL, DNSSEC, and registry locks. Based on these findings, we provide guidance and formulate guidelines to support the practice of effective domain name management, helping you secure and optimize your domain portfolio.

Quick Survey Situational Analysis GMO Domain Doctor

Simply specify the domain name string for investigation and answer a series of questions to diagnose the current registration status and determine how domains are owned and managed internally. We provide tailored scoring based on industry and company size, enabling visualization of internal management effectiveness.

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Past Registration Status Investigation GMO BRAND SURVEILLANCE for Domain Names
(Initial Search & Ownership Search)

By specifying the target string you want to investigate, our specialized consultants review past registrations and usage statuses, categorizing them by risk levels. Understanding the registrant information and usage status, such as group companies or related entities, helps you understand internal usage statuses and aid in creating a whitelist.

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Name Server and Detailed Infrastructure Investigations

Managing not only domain names but also subdomains is necessary for protecting brands in today’s digital landscape. For instance, changes or terminations in cloud services could lead to domain information being removed from CDN provider servers, with potential oversight in deleting subdomains, which could then be exploited by external attackers. We support detailed investigations and audits to ensure these oversights do not occur.


We provide comprehensive services for domain name registration, management, and updates worldwide, including support for Brand TLDs, part of the new gTLDs. Registered domain names can be centrally managed through our AI-enhanced cloud service "BRANTECT byGMO."

New Registrations and Renewal

We specialize in services for corporate clients, managing a wide array of procedures such as domain name registrations and renewals across more than 200 countries and regions globally (ccTLDs). Considering the scope of your business and future developments, we propose tailored domain registration strategies to align perfectly with your corporate goals.

GMO Domain Storage

We collectively manage all unused domain names within a single storage unit. By deciding on contract renewals at the storage unit level, we are able to reduce costs and simplify management of your domain names compared to traditional methods.

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Our backorder system automatically reserves domain names that are not renewed by third parties and become available for registration again. This ensures that even if your desired domain name is currently registered by someone else, you do not have to give up on acquiring it.

Brand TLD

Brand Top-Level Domains (TLDs) enable companies to operate their own TLDs, which helps prevent brand abuse caused by activities such as phishing and imposter websites. We offer comprehensive services for Brand TLD registry application, operational support, and migration from existing domains. The GMO Internet Group holds the largest market share among Japanese companies in the Brand TLD space and boasts extensive experience in this field.

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Management System


Our service "BRANTECT byGMO" utilizes AI to provide centralized management of essential brand data, including domain names and trademarks. This system facilitates the unified management of diverse information, enhancing the visualization of your current portfolio and aiding in strategic planning aligned with your business objectives. Setting up roles that match your company's structure enhances interdepartmental information sharing and reduces the effort required to manage inquiries.

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