Trademark Strategy and Application Support

Trademark acquisition is pivotal for business expansion, but it's not solely about securing rights. Our approach encompasses a strategic trademark strategy that considers medium-term plans and competitive trends. We enrich this strategy by integrating economic and digital insights with trademark rights information, thereby significantly boosting the effectiveness of your trademark practices.


When launching a new company or introducing new products and services, it is crucial to conduct a preliminary trademark search to ensure that the trademarks have not been previously registered by another party. Utilizing a trademark that is already registered can result in liability for damages. These searches help identify potential competitors and can also prompt a reassessment of business strategies. We offer comprehensive support for trademark searches across global regions and countries.

GMO Trademark Quick Search

Our Quick Search for trademark similarities prioritizes speed, featuring local attorneys who assess trademark resemblances, including potential negative connotations. By innovating and simplifying our reporting format, we deliver results promptly—typically within five business days—at a competitive price. Detailed reports from local attorneys are available as an optional service.

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Regular Search

Our Regular Search service offers an extensive global search for trademark similarities, including checks for negative connotations. This service provides detailed insights from local attorneys and is completed within approximately 10 business days. It accommodates U.S. common law searches, supporting the final stages of trademark selection. This service is especially useful when detailed explanations are required for business divisions.


Our Screening service caters to those at the initial stages of trademark selection, aiming to quickly identify which trademarks may encounter registration challenges. This service focuses on identifying identical trademarks and delivers results within 3 business days.

Trademark Application and Registration Support

Assessing the current and future scope of your business is critical when filing for a trademark. This includes deciding the trademark form, application countries, and designated goods. In collaboration with local attorneys, we strive to understand both the trademark system and business expansion plans, aiming to secure trademarks that promise a long lifespan.

Support for New Trademark Application Procedures

With a global network of attorneys and professionals, we provide seamless, one-stop trademark application services. Our multilingual trademark team eliminates language barriers, guiding you through the optimal trademark application process based on your planned business activities and intended brand.

Inventory and Strategic Planning for Owned Trademarks

For brands that have been operational over a long period, it becomes challenging to discern the scope of rights across different countries, occasionally leading to unforeseen risks. We assist in conducting an inventory of your trademarks and develop application plans aligned with future business strategies, leveraging our team's extensive corporate experience.

Trademark Renewal

Continuous business operations necessitate periodic trademark renewals. The decision to renew involves significant coordination among various departments, which can be burdensome for the business and staff. We offer outsourcing services for renewal necessity checks, facilitating an environment conducive to accurate renewal decisions. By integrating our brand portfolio management service, "BRANTECT byGMO," clients can significantly reduce the burden of maintaining information.

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