Trademark services

Trademark registration support and advance preparation

In many cases, as you expand your business, you need to apply for additional patches of trademark rights, and it is not uncommon you make inadvertent omissions.
In addition, even if you file additional applications, making strategic applications will lead to ensuring brand safety and reducing costs.
We support strategic application procedures in countries around the world.

Research and formulate strategies for your own trademarks

We will check whether the trademarks really needed for your business are owned and managed by using the customer's owned trademark data, the published data of the patent office in each country, and, if necessary, paid data. In addition to simply delivering the results of the surveys of our own trademarks that we have extracted, we also assist in formulating strategies so that we can not only compensate for the omission of the current situation, such as business strategies and competitor measures, but also facilitate consideration of additional applications for the future.
Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Procedural support for new trademark applications

Through our partner local agents, it is possible to file trademark applications not only in Japan, but all over the world. Depending on the country of application, there are countries where English cannot be understood, but since we have multinational members who can handle languages from all over the world, we can immediately contact a local agent by phone, and facilitate smooth communication without miscommunication during application procedures and interim processing.
We are sure it will be useful in a trouble, such as filing trademark application in countries where you don't know well about the procedure.
Please feel free to contact us.

Prior Similar Trademark Search

We offer three services tailored to the needs and phases of trademark research.

We propose the use of screening searches to check for the presence or absence of the same prior trademark in cases such as the initial stage of considering the adoption of trademarks and the early identification of difficult candidates from among a number of candidates. Delivery time is 3 business days.
For full-scale trademark searches, we offer GMO Trademark Quick Search, which prioritizes deadlines, and Regular Search, which emphasizes the quality of reports.
In 28 countries that support GMO trademark Quick Search, we succeeded in delivering products in 5 business days by simplifying the format of reports from research representatives from each country to us and our customers. We offer general urgent delivery surveys at a lower fee than usual.
Our regular search covers the whole world, and we add our analysis to the report of the research agent in each country and report it in about 10 business days. We also support US common law searches.

Added the U.S. to GMO Trademark Quick Search Countries

On July 1, 2022, the U.S. has been added to the providable country of GMO Trademark Quick Search, which delivers international trademark surveys on five business days.
If you have been worried about the high cost and long delivery times of trademark searches in the United States, please do not hesitate to contact us. In response to consultations, we will firmly support you until the application after the search.

For more information on the GMO Trademark Quick SearchClick here

▶ Competitor survey

As competitor portfolio analysis frequently performed in patent management, we offer a trademark portfolio analysis service. As part of your competitor's business strategy analysis, please use our trademark application/registration analysis.

*1 (Character and graphical support) China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, UK, Spain, Turkey
(Character only) Australia, New Zealand, Benelux, Germany, Italy, France, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico

*2 For the United States, delivery will be in 7 business days for common law searches.
For Macau, delivery will be in 8 business days.

Trademark management

Trademark management and renewal

We will manage the renewal date and send you a notification of renewal availability at the time of renewal. We will adjust the notification timing and method according to the customer's request, so please feel free to leave it to us.
Procedures such as the transfer of rights to the Patent Office of each country (name change) and the change of company name and address will also be supported. Trademark management, which has become complicated due to business expansion and the replacement of staff, can be streamlined, reducing the risks of missing updates and mistakes in registered information.

Trademark management with [BRANTECT]

We use our proprietary cloud-based intellectual property data management tool [BRANTECT] to manage owned trademark data and the status of procedures. In addition to file wrappers and records of interactions with agents, you can also upload internal review materials at the time of trademark application, so even if the person in charge changes, you can understand the past history and prepare renewal after 10 years from registration. In addition, it is convenient to take inventory of owned trademarks, as the data of owned trademarks can be output as a list by country of application and by expiration date of renewal. We can issue a demo account for you to try it out.


Countermeasures against misappropriated applications

A third party applies for and registers a trademark related to your brand without permission, and once the trademark right is registered, it is difficult to retrieve it. There are risks that it will be enormously expensive to recover or become a long-term war.
In order to protect your brands globally, it is essential to take measures against pro-filing and post-filing applications.

Character to watch
Determining a figurative trademark

Monitor and report the application status of each country
(our company)

Prevent registration and protect your brand safely

Trademark watching

In order to prevent misappropriated applications by third parties, we monitor the public notice and registration status of all 45 classes of trademarks in 179 countries/regions around the world, and send timely emails as soon as we detect character and figure trademarks that have been set for monitoring in advance. In addition, in China, which has a culture of kanji, even if the pronunciation is exactly the same, it is an ideographic character, so if you change the face of the kanji notation, it will become dissimilar, and many companies will suffer from misappropriated applications without realizing it. We make it possible to detect trademarks similar to the notation as well as Roman.

Support for objections and various trial procedures

Even if a trademark is applied for without permission from a third party, there are ways to defend against it without giving up. Objections to public notices and trial to cancel registration are common, but the system differs depending on the country. We have built a network with partners around the world, and we have many employees who can speak languages other than English, so we can provide appropriate support. If you have any problems, please contact us immediately.