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We asked Mr. Okuda and Ms. Oki of Kao Corporation, who have been using BRANTECT byGMO since January 2017, about the background of its introduction.


The aspect that was expected to be most beneficial was the streamlining of trademark management.

Kao Corporation, Vice President, Brand Legal Management, Global, Itsuo Okuda

We oversee almost all trademarks at our Japan headquarters, but we also have trademark management teams in multiple subsidiaries overseas. We were thinking about how to facilitate smoother collaboration, and that’s when we received the proposal for BRANTECT byGMO.

The trademark management system we were using previously worked fine domestically but lacked functionality for international use. As a result, we had to use separate systems for Japan and our overseas subsidiaries, requiring us to check two databases to confirm each other’s status.

BRANTECT byGMO is designed to standardize and meet the necessary requirements for international trademark management, not just for domestic use. This gave us the impression that it could potentially serve as a common tool, clearing the essential conditions for consolidating the systems for both domestic and international use.

The decisive factor for adoption was the expectation that BRANTECT byGMO would contribute significantly to streamlining trademark management, including the naming process. The ability to evolve functionalities and operations in close coordination with business units for efficient trademark management was crucial. Specifically, the possibility of adding the Naming Management Function in the future led us to decide on its adoption.

Data migration from our previous system was handled by specialized professionals, which gave us confidence in the process. They took care of tasks such as data interpretation and field consolidation for tens of thousands of records, both domestic and international, in advance, making the migration itself smooth.

It’s not just about the functionality; there’s also a sense of reassurance.

Ms. Oki, Brand Legal Affairs, Legal and Compliance Department, Kao Corporation

Being able to customize the interface according to individual preferences and having the option to request procedures from GMO BRAND SECURITY for maintenance-free operations are convenient features. It’s also beneficial that updated trademarks can be viewed in bulk, with the data already structured.

Transitioning from the familiar previous system did come with some initial adjustment and a bit of discomfort, as expected. However, we were able to use the system smoothly by customizing the implementation manual to fit our operational needs.

Consolidating the management system into one platform and being able to use a common tool with overseas subsidiaries have made collaboration in trademark management much easier. Additionally, there’s a sense of reassurance in knowing that not only does the system offer functionalities, but it also assists with data structuring, inputting, and provides support for using the system according to actual operational needs.

Brand Portfolio Management System BRANTECT byGMO

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